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How we work

We are your provider of wealth management and
integrated financial solutions.

We believe that effective planning must address the financial, emotional, charitable and heritage aspects of your family and/or your business in order to create a comprehensive and integrated life cycle plan.

Goodwealth does this by providing a unified approach to the analysis, management and monitoring of all of your assets on a retainer or fixed fee basis.

The financial planning process is the development of a deeply personal relationship between our clients and ourselves that paves the way to an informed, effective and fulfilling plan. The Goodwealth counselor starts by listening carefully to the client's needs, wants, hopes, and dreams.

This process is designed to help our clients to:

  • Establish a clear sense of purpose.
  • Maximize their wealth.
  • Pass on family traditions.
  • Create lasting legacies.

    We believe that a person's true wealth includes the stories of their lives, lessons learned, values, vision, heritage and hopes. These are the things that matter most. They are the bridges that span the past, present and future. This is the real wealth we leave for others.

It's called a Legacy and is far more valuable than money!